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In School and College many students are not motivated to study for classes or improve their grades. Further, they spend many hours choosing to interact in virtual worlds, phones, and video games then pursue homework, classwork, and study. A large reason for this is the satisfaction gained through gamification concepts. Specific concepts of video games based on entertainment, growth, mastery based learning, and goal oriented learning can be easily applied to the classroom if people are cognizant of them. When applied to the classroom the goal is that classwork and school will produce the same satisfaction to students as video games.

To assist teachers in using gamification techniques our goal is to educate faculty on thinking of the classroom like a game designer thinks of a game. By analyzing every aspect of video games and aspects of the classroom, teachers can analyze their class and create ways to improve student success. We want to empower teachers to explore the key concepts of video games that are effective in improving a student’s desire to learn.

Sample concepts include:
-Mastery based learning through “lives”
-Using a point system of credit in the class rather than an A-F grade system (and how to convert it to an A-F grade system to meet district requirements)
-In class achievements and badges to encourage student to be productive group members and reach out to school/campus services for badges and points
-Designing a class where choice and groups are options so that students have a variety of ways to achieve class objectives
-Providing multiple pathways for student success in class, and to demonstrate classroom mastery

Our Goal is to demonstrate how these concepts are implemented inside games, and how they can be used in the classroom. Further, they will be reinforced through examples of their current success in classroom implementation and previous years successes. The focus of gamification in education is helping teachers learn how they can customize the gamification strategies for any classroom and apply these concepts to a teachers learning style. Results from previous classroom implementation have shown a great increase in a student’s desire to learn and succeed on classwork. Please see the link below for previous successes.


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