Gaming for Learning

RPGs in the Classroom

About Me

Keenan Kibrick

Hello My name is Keenan Kibrick I am an educator and avid Role Play Gamer.  I have been education helping teachers reach 21st century skills of instruction for the past few years. My passion is the integration of Game like learning into the classroom.  Game like learning is a type of learning that meets many of the points of the technology based SAMR model, and the constructivist based 5 E model of learning as well.  It engages students in the learning process, allows students to explore the learning  process their way, and is a great tool for students to both elaborate on their learning process, and can be used as a tool to evaluate learning as well.  I have been applying game like learning concepts to classrooms in the Oak Park Unified School District and have been presenting at conferences on the process as well to expand game like learning in the classrooms.

If you’d like to assist in the Game like Learning process please let me know, or if you’d like me to assist your schools and districts with the game like learning process please let me know as well.



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