Using Microscope the RPG I just taught 40 teacher’s how to run RPGs in the classroom.  My Google Slide is here.  It was amazing!  I’ve wanted to run RPGs in education forever, but it’s very challenging to do because so many games require a Game Master.  Having Game masters and teaching people how to be game masters is a challenging process and almost impossible to do in a class of 35 students.  It’s too time consuming for teachers.  Microscope in contrast is super easy to do in a class of students.  I separated teachers like I did students into groups of 4-6 and took parts of Microscope separately and let them try it for 15 minutes.  First they ran scenes and which were amazing and focused in 15 minutes.  They expanded the story of Romeo and Juliet to help students better understand the novel.   

After we do Microscope World Building to create worlds.  We would use this in classes as well to help expand on stories or better understand historical time periods.

All the teachers loved playing, but more importantly it was so easy to start scenes and to start world building.  They are all taking it back to their classes to try with students.  Hopefully it will help students become part of the literature.  I look forward to seeing the results.  Thank you so much for creating the game Ben.  Look at my whole Powerpoint to see exactly what I did.